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With more than 1.3 billion people, India is one of the largest democracies in the world. Elections are important in a democracy as it enables people to participate in the administration of its own nation. To make this possible election commission of India issues an identity document called voter ID to every Indian citizen who has reached the age of 18 years.

What is Voter ID?

Voter ID or Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) introduced in 1993 is for Indian citizens issued by the election commission of India which makes them qualified to cast a ballot election’s day. Other than being an identification proof it also avoids people from practicing unethical ways of voting and thereby improves the accuracy of the electoral roll. At times it also serves as an identity proof, address proof, age proof while applying for a passport, buying a SIM card, etc. If you wish to travel to Nepal or Bhutan voter ID can be used as a travel document.

Voter ID card eligibility

Individuals who are Indian citizens and 18 years of age are eligible to apply for voter ID. But individuals who are legally proclaimed that they are inapt to vote due to their association with illicit or corrupt practices are debarred from applying for a voter ID and are not entitled to be a voter.

Documents required for Voter ID

Applicants will require following documents while applying for the voter ID

  • Passport sized photograph
  • Identity proof – Applicant can submit their Aadhaar card, driving permit, etc. as proof of identity.
  • Address proof – You can use electricity bills, ration card, etc. for proof of address.

How to apply for Voter ID?

You can apply for a voter ID using the online portal or by visiting any state election office near you. In order to get a voter ID, the applicant needs to fill the form 6.

  • Using online portals – For online application of voter ID, you can visit NVSP (National Voter’s Service Portal) website.
  1. Visit the website and click on Form6 which is for applicants applying for new voter ID.
  2. Fill out the mandatory details and upload the required documents.
  3. Finally, click submit after that you will receive an acknowledgment mail for your application.
  • Offline procedure – Applicants can download Form6 from the NVSP website or can get one from the state election office. Similar to the online portal you need to fill out the form and attach mandatory documents and submit the form to the state election office.

Voter ID verification

Once you have applied for the voter ID through online or offline method there is a verification process in order to validate all the important details provided by you. So an officer from state election office visits to verify all the relevant details. If there is any sort of mismatch in the details provided your application is annulled. This is done to avoid duplication of voter ID and prevent unethical ways of voting.

Voter ID correction

If you already have your voter ID but with some errors, you can rectify them easily. The voter ID correction process is similar to the way you apply for a new voter ID. The only difference is you need to fill out Form8 instead of Form6 for voter ID correction procedure.

  • Using online portals –
  1. Visit the NVSP website and click on “Form8” which is for “Correction of entries in electoral roll”.
  2. According to the guidelines you will need to upload a document as a proof which supports the rectification of incorrect detail. For example, if your name is misprinted you need to submit documents like your Adhaar card or driving permit which has your name correctly spelled.
  3. Submit the form with the necessary details and documents attached.
  4. You will receive an acknowledgment number that you will need during the verification process.
  • Offline – You can get Form8 from the state election commission office near you or else you can download it from the NVSP website. Fill the form and attach documents to support your correct details proof. Submit the form in the state election office and you will receive a reference number to track the voter ID status.

Check Voter ID Status Online

You can easily track your voter ID status after you have submitted an online or offline application for the same. In order to get information about the voter ID status, you need to use the reference number you received after submitting the form. Use the following simple steps to track the status of your voter ID application process. You can also track the voter ID status which is submitted for correction.

  1. Visit to track the voter ID status.
  2. Enter the reference ID you received previously and click on the “Track Status”
  3. A page will be displayed with your voter ID status.

Voting is our fundamental right as a citizen and our responsibility to choose leaders of tomorrow. Get your voter ID and don’t fail to vote.

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