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Online FIR Filing and checking the status of you FIR Online. choose the option complaints if you want to file a police complaint online. Let’s begin with the layman explanation of First Information Report (FIR). A police complaint is synonymous to an FIR. It is the information recorded by a police officer on duty given either by the indignant person or any other person of an cognizable offence. The significance of FIR lies in several reasons.

  • It is a fresh document made soon after the occurrence of an offence.
  • It is unlikely that informant had opportunities of fabrication.
  • It is basis of the case.
  • It puts the police in action.
  • It represents the statement made by the informant at the time of lodging FIR.

The value of the FIR will vary depending upon the complaint laid or prosecutrix or eye-witnesses to the crime or a mere stranger used for the purpose of laying the information. This is a public document and a certified copy of it is admissible in evidence. The FIR has great value because it shown on what material the investigation commenced and what was the story then told.

The FIR is a very significant document, and the accused entitled to know what was said before the police so that he may be in a position to protect his interests by cross-examining the prosecution witnesses with respect to any additions or alterations in the story of prosecution which may subsequently be made in evidence.

The indignant person (one who has filed the FIR) can also do FIR tracking online in order to get informed regarding his FIR status.

How to file an online FIR:

  1. Go to the official website. (For example: For Delhi Police, visit the official website
  2. Select the service option on the home page. (Select the particular category and register your complaint).
  3. A new page will be displayed. (You need to fill the details in the registration form).
  4. Recheck the details before submitting.
  5. You will get a copy of the FIR via an e-mail.

How will you register a FIR Offline?

  • Visiting the nearest police station within the crime scene (preferably).
  • Informing either orally or in writing. If an oral complaint is made, then it is the duty of the authority recording the FIR to convert it into writing.
  • FIR needs to be signed by the person giving the complaint.
  • It is the duty of the police authorities to register the FIR in a record book.
  • It is the duty of the police officer to provide the complaint with a free copy of FIR.

How will you File Online FIR Or Get FIR status Online?

Have you reported a FIR to the police station and haven’t heard anything yet? Then, here’s a way to do FIR tracking to understand your FIR status.

List of websites for filing FIR

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