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Airports are not the most comfortable places, especially if the situation calls for you to wait at one overnight. Sure, there are enough eateries and options for shopping as well. But who are we kidding? Given the chance we would all plan better so as to minimize our layover time and check for any discrepancies in the flight schedule.

Launched in 2011 as yet another feather in Google’s hat, Google Flights adds a lot of value for searchers. You don’t need to download any app and can make use of Google Flights tracking. You simply have to put in details of your flight and that’s it! Graphic, self-explanatory information pops up on your screen, removing any margin for doubt. It is very simple to use. Google acquired ITA software, a leading travel company with numerous products and it still uses the same algorithm in its offering.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at the following:

How to check status of flights with Google flights tracker?

A] Put the flight number into the Search box for flights.

B] If you know the airline, put that in as well.

C] You will receive clear information of departure & arrival including any layover time.

D] Get notified of delays by using this tool. Real time flight status can be determined in the above way.

Note that flight information is within a 24 hour time period as airlines reuse the number daily.

  • How to set up alerts for google flights?

A] Put in your travel information and select dates of travel.

B] Turn on the ‘Track prices’ button and select ‘View All’.

C] You will receive information of your selected flight in a timeline called ‘Price History’.  Here you can see the dips and surges in price with respect to a graph. This steps aids your decision-making greatly.

D] Keep a check on your email as Google will notify if there’s a dip in your flight price. Also signing into Gmail address is a primary step.

Know the status of your flight by following these simple steps on Google flights and you will save yourself from the hassles of waiting in case there’s an unforeseen delay in your flight.  The best way to track prices of flight is by setting up alerts on Google flights and you will be notified duly. This reliable value-addition to travelers is a boon and must be put to use while planning your travels in advance.

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